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Capacity vs. Utilization Training

By Scott Johnston In our book, Training for the New Alpinism, Steve House and I make the distinction between non-specific and specific training. This ...
6 Sep 2014

Fatigue: Friend or Foe

By Coach Scott Johnston Fatigue in one form or another is a nearly constant companion of any endurance athlete. Learning how to regulate, control and ...
21 Sep 2014

Applying Periodization Theory for General Fitness

Applying Periodization Theory …even if you do not have a major goal and just want to become generally fitter by Coach Scott JohnstonWhen Steve a...
9 Dec 2014

The feeling of training

By Steve House Training doesn’t have to be complex. In it’s most simple form, training is: Exertion Rest Repeat Despite the appearances given by o...
2 Sep 2015