Alpamayo: Peruvian Andes Alpine Climbing Expedition 2024Crag To Summit #2

Come join us as we return to the beautiful and remote-but-accessible Cordillera Blanca of Peru! Aside from the fantastic climbing and amazing beauty of the majestic Andes, this off the grid getaway offers an opportunity to disconnect from the daily life of digital distractions and more fully enjoy the incredible natural surroundings. Peru is in the same time zone as EST and does not pose the jet-lag challenges for North Americans that other big mountain ranges do allowing us to arrive better rested and ready for adventure.

Cost: $9,500 per person (based on two persons booking); $15,000 for individual

Details: A two-week expedition and world class, multi-pitch alpine ice climb to a high-altitude summit.

Included: Five-star IFMGA guide, camp cook, arriero (burros & porters), park fees, travel within Peru, all in country accommodations (including four-star hotel in Lima) mountain food, pre-trip training, coaching, and consulting conference calls with Vince Anderson

Not included: air travel, additional lodging (if deviating from planned itinerary), in-town meals and food, personal snack items

Prerequisites: multi-pitch ice climbing up to WI4; multi-day trekking/backpacking experience

This two-week expedition to Peru, personally curated by Skyward owner and alpinist Vince Anderson, aims to climb one of the most iconic and beautiful mountains on earth, Alpamayo. The striking symmetry of this pyramidal, snowy mountain is instantly recognizable. Our climb will tackle the French Direct route up the Southwest face. The climb involves multiple pitches of snow and ice up to 75º. It will feel much like a long WI3/4 in a high altitude setting. Though, not as high as some of its nearby 20,000’ neighbors, Alpamayo is 19,511’ feet high, making it a bit more manageable from an acclimatization perspective: packing in great, moderately technical climbing to a unique summit within a two-week trip.

On some occasions, Alpamayo can be threatened by large cornices. If this hazard presents too much, risk, the alternative plan will be to climb Artesanraju (19,767’), AKA the Paramount Pictures Peak, an equally beautiful mountain of comparable difficulty.

Our trip allows for acclimatization, the fun way! We will do a scenic day hike to a beautiful alpine lake very close to our hotel in Huaraz, followed by a few days of some cool rock climbing and camping a local crag, Hatun Machay. Our trek into and out of base camp will be fully supported by arrieros and their donkeys, as well as an excellent cook to provide high quality and well-prepared meals while camping. We will pare down from base camp and go light to our high camp where we will bivouac (still in tents) below the stunning SW face of Alpamayo.

This amazing trip is worth the views along trek on its own, not to mention the digital detox opportunity! If you have someone who’d like to join, but not climb, we have a lower priced option for them to come along and simply do some great day hikes near the fully supported base camp, while participating in all the other pre-climb activities. Contact us for this pricing option.

Guide: Your trip will be led by Steven Van Sickle, an American IFMGA mountain guide from Ouray, Colorado. Steven has led numerous alpine expeditions through Skyward for the past 10 years around the world. Steven is an extremely accomplished and internationally experienced ice and alpine climber in his own right, having completed numerous alpine climbs by new or difficult routes over the past 15 years. Steven is considered among the top current American Alpine guides.

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Our Rock Climbing Guides: Your Partners in Adventure

Vince Anderson | Rock Climbing Guide | Ice Climbing Guide | Skyward Mountaineering

Vince Anderson

An IFMGA certified rock climbing guide with an adventurous spirit and decades of experience. Vince is known for his alpine expertise and has climbed extensively on Colorado’s big peaks.

Steven Van Sickle | Rock Climbing Guide | Ice Climbing Guide | Skyward Mountaineering

Steven Van Sickle

An IFMGA/AMGA certified rock climbing guide specializing in technical alpine routes and big mountain adventures. Steven loves exploring the high peaks of the San Juans and beyond.

Buster Jesik | Rock Climbing Guide | Ice Climbing Guide | Skyward Mountaineering

Buster Jesik

An accomplished climber and certified rock climbing guide, Buster brings knowledge and passion for routes throughout the state, from the Front Range to the Western Slope.

Katie Beringer | Rock Climbing Guide | Ice Climbing Guide | Skyward Mountaineering

Katie Beringer

A passionate rock climber, ice climber, and AMGA certified rock climbing guide, Katie’s enthusiasm is infectious, whether you’re a beginner or pushing your grade.

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