Welcome to the world of rock climbing in Grand Junction and beyond! Skyward Mountaineering offers a comprehensive range of rock climbing services designed to elevate your climbing experience, whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned climber seeking to push your limits.
Our team of AMGA-certified guides possesses an intimate knowledge of the diverse climbing landscapes surrounding Grand Junction, from the towering sandstone walls of the Colorado National Monument to the technical cracks of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. We are passionate about sharing our love for climbing and helping you achieve your climbing goals in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Unveiling a World of Climbing Possibilities: Skyward Mountaineering's Rock Climbing Services

Beyond the breathtaking scenery and iconic landscapes, Grand Junction and its surrounding areas offer a climber’s paradise waiting to be explored. Skyward Mountaineering unlocks this paradise with a comprehensive range of rock climbing services designed to cater to climbers of all skill levels and aspirations.

Our Approach:

Safety First: Your safety is our top priority. Our AMGA-certified guides are experts in risk management and climbing techniques. They will ensure you have the necessary equipment, conduct thorough safety checks, and guide you through challenging sections with expert belaying and route selection.
Personalized Instruction: Whether you’re a beginner yearning for your first ascent or a seasoned climber seeking to refine your skills, we offer personalized instruction tailored to your individual needs and goals. Our experienced guides will provide a solid foundation in climbing fundamentals or help you master advanced techniques, ensuring a successful and rewarding climbing experience.
Unlocking Hidden Gems: Grand Junction and the surrounding regions boast a treasure trove of climbing locations beyond the well-known routes. Our local guides possess an intimate knowledge of the area and can introduce you to hidden crags frequented by seasoned climbers, allowing you to discover unique climbing features and experience the diverse terrain that this climbing haven offers.
Holistic Climbing Experience: Skyward Mountaineering goes beyond just guiding you up the rock face. We want to help you plan a seamless and unforgettable climbing adventure. Our team can offer recommendations for local accommodation options, suggest reputable climbing gear stores, and even assist with securing necessary climbing permits.

Unleash Your Inner Climber in Colorado: Rock Climbing Clinics with Skyward Mountaineering

Colorado’s diverse climbing landscapes, from the towering sandstone walls of the Colorado National Monument to the technical cracks of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, offer a paradise for climbers of all skill levels. Skyward Mountaineering unlocks this paradise with a comprehensive range of rock climbing clinics designed to elevate your climbing experience in Colorado.

Climbing Clinics for Every Aspiration:

We offer a variety of climbing clinics catering to all skill sets and goals, ensuring you find the perfect program to take your climbing to the next level. Whether you’re a complete novice yearning for your first ascent or a seasoned climber seeking to refine your skills, our personalized instruction and expert guides will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to succeed.

Here's a glimpse into some of our popular Colorado rock climbing clinics:
  • Intro to Trad & Multi-Pitch Climbing: This two-day course teaches essential trad climbing skills and multi-pitch belay techniques, empowering you to tackle Colorado’s classic climbs like Desert Towers, the Black Canyon, and even Yosemite.
  • Gym to Crag Basics: This one-day clinic at Rifle Mountain Park helps you transition your indoor climbing skills to the exciting outdoor environment. Learn essential outdoor rock climbing safety, basic knots, belaying, and rappelling techniques.
  • Crack Climbing Intensive: Elevate your crack climbing skills with a two-day intensive course in the heart of Colorado’s stunning red rock desert. Master the techniques and practices used to conquer cracks of all sizes, from hand and finger cracks to off-widths, chimneys, and more.
  • Colorado Climbing Triptych: Embark on a unique five-day rock climbing adventure encompassing Rifle, Escalante, and the Black Canyon. This triptych allows you to hone your skills in each location, culminating in climbing one of the classic longer routes in the Black Canyon.
  • Family Climbing Adventure: Enjoy a fun-filled day of climbing with your family, perfect for all ages and experience levels. Our experienced instructors will create a safe and engaging environment for everyone to learn the basics of rock climbing.
Explore Boulder's Iconic Crags with Skyward Mountaineering

Boulder, Colorado, is a mecca for rock climbers, offering a diverse landscape of climbing opportunities, from the easily accessible slabs of Boulder Canyon to the exhilarating multi-pitch trad routes of the Flatirons and Eldorado Canyon. Skyward Mountaineering is your trusted partner for unforgettable guided rock climbing experiences in Boulder, catering to all skill levels.

Unforgettable Climbing Adventures for Everyone:

Whether you’re a complete novice yearning for your first ascent or a seasoned climber seeking to conquer challenging multi-pitch routes, our team of AMGA-certified guides will help you achieve your climbing goals in Boulder. Our passionate guides possess extensive knowledge of the area’s unique climbing terrain and prioritize your safety above all else, employing proven climbing techniques and risk-management strategies to ensure a worry-free and enjoyable adventure.

  • Boulder Canyon: Minutes from downtown Boulder, this popular climbing area offers hundreds of well-protected sport climbs on beautiful granite, catering to a range of abilities. Explore easy slabs, challenging test pieces, traditional routes, and multi-pitch climbs, all within a scenic setting.
  • The Flatirons: As Boulder’s iconic landmark, the Flatirons provide a stunning backdrop for a variety of climbing adventures. These jagged formations offer multi-pitch trad climbs, cutting-edge sport routes, and even easy scrambles to the summits. Embrace the adventurous feel with longer approaches and a wilderness setting.
  • Eldorado Canyon: World-renowned for its gorgeous conglomerate sandstone, Eldorado Canyon is a gem for climbers. Discover a multitude of multi-pitch classics, stellar single-pitch trad climbs, and a few sport climbing options. Eldorado Canyon is a popular training ground for lead climbing, offering opportunities to practice gear placement and mental training for more daring leads.
Black Canyon Rock Climbing: A Challenge Awaits

The Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is a climber’s paradise, renowned for its dramatic landscapes, world-class rock climbing, and sheer cliffs that plunge for thousands of feet. Skyward Mountaineering offers guided climbing adventures in the Black Canyon, catering to experienced climbers seeking a challenge and curious beginners eager to explore this iconic location.

Unforgettable Ascents for Every Climber:

Whether you’re a seasoned climber pushing your limits or a first-timer yearning for an unforgettable introduction to climbing, Skyward Mountaineering can be your guide. Our AMGA-certified guides prioritize your safety and will design a Black Canyon climbing experience that matches your skill level and goals.

Unveiling the Depths: Where You Can Climb in the Black Canyon

The Black Canyon’s vast size and remote character make it a true destination for climbers. The majority of climbing routes are multi-pitch endeavors, demanding technical skill, teamwork, and a sense of adventure. Here’s a glimpse into the climbing opportunities that await:

  • Classic Climbs: Test yourself on legendary routes like “Escape Artist” and “Maiden Voyage,” offering a mix of moderate sections and challenging pitches. Immerse yourself in the Black Canyon’s history and unique climbing character.
  • Modern Adventures: For experienced climbers seeking a supreme challenge, routes like “Ground Control to Major Tom” provide a full day of technical climbing on the South Rim.
  • Exploration and Discovery: With vast unexplored walls, the Black Canyon beckons adventurous climbers to forge new routes and discover hidden gems.
    Essential Information for a Successful Black Canyon Climb

Unleash Your Inner Climber in Ouray, Colorado

Nestled amidst the majestic peaks of the San Juan Mountains, Ouray, Colorado, is a climber’s paradise offering a diverse playground of cliffs, walls, and breathtaking scenery. Skyward Mountaineering caters to climbers of all levels in Ouray, from beginners yearning for their first ascent to seasoned veterans seeking challenging routes.

Benefits of Guided Climbing in Ouray:

Master the Classics & Hidden Gems: Conquer Ouray’s iconic climbing areas with expert guides. Explore hidden crags known only to local climbers and experience the unique climbing terrain that Ouray has to offer.
Safety on Stunning Cliffs: Climb the San Juan Mountains’ breathtaking cliffs with peace of mind knowing AMGA-certified guides prioritize your safety. Focus on enjoying the climb and the incredible scenery.
Confidence to Crush Your Goals: Achieve your climbing aspirations in Ouray with personalized instruction from our expert guides. Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps or an experienced climber looking to push your limits, we can help you refine your skills.

Explore Ouray's Diverse Climbing Areas:

Ouray boasts a variety of climbing areas, each with unique challenges and stunning scenery. Skyward Mountaineering can help you unlock the full potential of these incredible locations:

Rotary Park: This convenient location, ideal for all abilities, boasts beginner-friendly routes with close bolts and steeper challenges for experienced climbers. Hone your lead climbing skills or enjoy a relaxing family outing. (No prior experience required)
The Overlook: A hidden gem with challenging limestone walls that test your finger strength, this area offers breathtaking views and easy access. (Prerequisites: Prior experience with basic knots and belaying techniques required)
Pool Wall: Offering stunning mountain views, easy access, and a variety of single-pitch sport climbs for all skill levels, Pool Wall is a popular choice. Beginners can find their flow on easy routes, while intermediate and advanced climbers can tackle more challenging options. (No prior experience required)

Unleash Your Inner Climber in Grand Junction, Colorado

Nestled against the stunning backdrop of the Colorado National Monument, Grand Junction, Colorado, is a haven for rock climbing enthusiasts of all skill levels. Skyward Mountaineering unlocks the full potential of this climber’s paradise with a variety of guided rock climbing services, designed to match your experience and aspirations.

Benefits of Guided Climbing in Grand Junction:

Master Diverse Terrain: Grand Junction boasts a unique blend of sandstone and granite climbing across canyons, cliffs, and iconic landscapes. Our AMGA-certified guides will help you navigate the variety, from Unaweep Canyon’s towering walls to Escalante Canyon’s technical cracks.
Unearth Hidden Gems: Venture beyond popular routes and discover secret crags with local knowledge. Skyward Mountaineering’s guides will introduce you to Grand Junction’s lesser-explored areas for a unique and unforgettable climbing experience.
Safety on Scenic Cliffs: Scale breathtaking sandstone cliffs with expert guides who prioritize your safety, allowing you to focus on the climb and the incredible scenery.
Confidence to Conquer Your Goals: Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned climber seeking trad route challenges, Skyward Mountaineering’s personalized instruction will help you refine your skills and achieve your climbing aspirations in Grand Junction.

Explore Diverse Climbing Areas with Expert Guides:

Grand Junction boasts a wealth of unique climbing destinations, each offering a distinct character and challenge. Skyward Mountaineering’s expert guides will help you discover the perfect location for your next climbing adventure:

Unaweep Canyon: A climber’s paradise south of Grand Junction, Unaweep Canyon boasts hundreds of routes on soaring granite and sandstone cliffs. Crack climbers will find a paradise, while sport climbers can tackle single-pitch and multipitch adventures. Breathtaking canyon rim views enhance the experience.
Escalante Canyon: Often referred to as Colorado’s “Indian Creek,” Escalante Canyon offers a remote desert setting for honing crack climbing skills. Hundreds of wingate sandstone crack climbs cater to all abilities, from beginners to seasoned veterans.
Colorado National Monument (The Monument): This iconic landscape provides a variety of climbing opportunities for all skill levels. Beginners can experience their first tower climb, while more experienced climbers can tackle challenging intermediate and advanced routes, honing their crack climbing and technical skills.

Unleash Your Inner Climber in Rifle, Colorado

Nestled amidst the stunning peaks of the Rocky Mountains, Rifle, Colorado, is a world-renowned climber’s paradise. Skyward Mountaineering unlocks the full potential of Rifle Mountain Park, with over 5,000 established routes and endless possibilities for exploration. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a curious beginner, we offer guided climbing adventures designed to match your aspirations.

Benefits of Guided Climbing in Rifle:

Master Legendary Challenges: Conquer iconic routes or refine your skills on challenging terrain with expert guidance, ensuring a safe and successful ascent.
Explore Diverse Terrain: Venture beyond famous climbs and discover Rifle’s hidden gems with Skyward Mountaineering guides. Navigate the park’s diverse landscape, from moderate single-pitch routes to unclimbed walls.
Safety on Limestone Majesty: Scale the awe-inspiring limestone cliffs with AMGA-certified guides who prioritize your safety, allowing you to focus on the climb and the breathtaking scenery.
Confidence to Crush Your Goals: Achieve your climbing goals in Rifle with Skyward Mountaineering’s personalized instruction. Gain the knowledge and skills you need, whether you’re a seasoned climber or a curious beginner.

A Climber's Playground: Unveiling the Crags of Rifle Mountain Park

Rifle Mountain Park’s vast size and diverse cliffs cater to all climbing abilities:

Steep Technical Glory: Test your limits on world-famous challenging sport climbs. Rifle is famous for its concentration of demanding routes like “The Naked Edge” and “Bachar Spire”.
Moderate Adventures: Rifle offers a variety of moderate climbs perfect for beginners or skill development. Areas like Rotary Park provide excellent single-pitch routes for honing your skills.
Endless Exploration: With vast unexplored walls and new route development opportunities, Rifle beckons adventurous climbers to forge their own path.

Unleash Your Inner Climber in Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah, isn’t just a stunning desert landscape; it’s a world-renowned rock climbing mecca beckoning adventurers from across the globe. Towering sandstone formations in a kaleidoscope of colors create a climber’s paradise unlike any other. Skyward Mountaineering is your trusted partner for experiencing the magic of Moab’s iconic climbs, whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned climber seeking multi-pitch routes.

Benefits of Guided Climbing in Moab:

Safety First: Our AMGA-certified guides prioritize your safety, ensuring a worry-free climbing experience.
Unlock Your Potential: Benefit from personalized instruction to improve your climbing technique and knowledge.
Explore Iconic Locations: Climb Moab’s most scenic crags with expert guides who know the routes intimately.
Confidence and Camaraderie: Gain confidence on the rock and enjoy a memorable adventure with your guide.

Unforgettable Climbing Experiences Await in Moab's Diverse Locations

The vast climbing area surrounding Moab offers a staggering variety of climbs for all skill levels and climbing styles. Here’s a glimpse into some of the iconic locations that await you:

Castle Valley: This iconic location near Moab boasts sandstone towers, including the classic Kor Engalls route (5.9). Our guides can help climbers of all levels access climbs that match their experience.

Fisher Towers: Mysterious mudstone towers offer challenging aid climbs, with the famous Stolen Chimney (5.10) route a must-try. The surreal Ancient Art route offers unique climbing on pebble and pocket strewn faces.

River Road: Towers, crack climbs, and adventure abound along the Colorado River. Options include Lonely Vigil on the Lighthouse Tower (5.10) for a multi-pitch introduction or Infrared (5.11c) for a mix of trad and sport climbing. Many single and multi-pitch climbs cater to intermediate and advanced climbers.

Potash Road: Conveniently located near Moab, Potash Road offers varied crack and face climbs with options for beginners and more experienced climbers.

Long Canyon: Nicknamed a “mini Indian Creek” for its wingate sandstone, Long Canyon offers challenging crack climbs like Maverick Butress, a north-facing crag ideal for hot days.


• Climbing harness with belay/rappel and gear loops.

• Climbing helmet.

• Belay device.

• Two locking carabiners.

• Crampons for technical climbing. (Step in, not strap on)

• Technical ice tools, with hammers. An adze on a tool creates a significant risk to you. If you don’t have a hammer, you may cover the adze with tape and foam so it can’t cut your face if it pops out.

• Ice Tool tethers. This is a long elasticized leash that prevents you from dropping an ice tool. (optional)

• Climbing boots. These must be mountaineering boots. Leather hiking boots won’t work. Good quality climbing boots can be rented from Ouray Mountain Sports. Contact them directly to reserve at (970) 325-4284.

• Hooded shell jacket. A waterproof/breathable (hard shell) jacket is desirable when climbing water ice. If you use a soft shell jacket make sure it is freshly washed and dried as the drying helps to restore the water repellent finish. If we climb in a soft shell we often carry a light waterproof/non-breathable shell such as the Alpine Houdini jacket made by Patagonia.

• Technical climbing pants. Soft or hard shell. Should fit closely around the tops of your boots.

• Gaitors. Nice if your pants are baggy and/or don’t have integrated gaitors to keep the snow out. (optional)

• Synthetic long underwear top and bottoms. Two different weights for different temperature conditions.

• Synthetic mid-weight top. Slightly heavier than the above layer. The Patagonia R1 Hoody is a popular example.

• Warm fleece or sweater top.

• Warm insulating down or synthetic parka that can be worn over all other layers.

• A warm hat which can be worn under your helmet.

• Neck gaiter. Optional, but recommended.

• Two to three pairs of good fitting, non-bulky, warm climbing gloves and mittens. Gloves/mittens usually get wet or damp when ice climbing and it is nice to have a back-up pair with you at all times. Personally we bring two pairs of gloves and one pair of mittens for a day of winter climbing. One thin pair of gloves that are protective but not very warm; these get the most use. One medium pair of gloves that are warmer, but we can still climb with. And one pair of mittens for belaying and for extra cold days. Ski gloves usually have too much material in the palms for climbing.

• Thin synthetic or wool liner gloves. (optional)

• Wool socks to wear in climbing boots. A second thin pair of liner socks is optional for those who tend to get cold feet.

• Sunglasses.

• Sunscreen.

• A 30-40 liter backpack to carry extra clothes, water and food for the day.

• Small headlamp.

• A small personal first aid kit containing bandages and a blister kit.

• Water bottle and/or thermos: You should have one to two quart/liter capacity.

• Lunch/snack food. When climbing in the Ice Park, it is possible to go into town for lunch.

• Camera!

• Bathing suit for hot springs.


Let us know what you DO NOT have. We may have it.


Ropes, protection, slings and other team technical equipment.

The Ice Clinic Workout:

Pull-ups, 5-15 reps, 30 seconds rest. Then:

Strict sit-ups. 10-15 reps, 30 seconds rest. Then:

Isometric Ice-Tool Hangs. 15-20 second one-armed hang off each tool. It helps to wear the gloves you’ll wear climbing. If you can’t do this one-armed, then do it with both arms, but shift more weight to one side at a time for the required time for each side. 30 seconds rest. Then:

Push ups, 10-15 reps, 30 seconds rest. Then:

Repeat circuit three times with a 3 minute rest between laps of the circuit for one workout. Do this workout twice in the first week.

Repeat circuit four times with a 3 minute rest between circuits for one workout. Do it twice a week the second and third week. In week 3 reduce rest between circuits to 2 minutes

Repeat five times the fourth and fifth week. In week four take 2 minutes rest/circuit. In week five take a 1 minute break between laps of the circuit

The sixth week do the workout only once. Do four laps of the circuit with two minutes rest between laps to allow for recovery and super-compensation.

Why pull-ups and push-ups? Because these simple exercise works all the main muscles-groups involved in swinging, and holding onto, an ice tool. If you can’t do five pull-ups, you may want to contact us about a customized strength training plan.

IInterested in a more structured approach to training?

• Read Steve House’s and Scott Johnston’s Book: Training for the New Alpinism

• Check Out Uphill Athlete’s training and coaching options

Our Colorado Rock Climbing Guides: Your Partners in Adventure

Vince Anderson | Rock Climbing Guide | Ice Climbing Guide | Skyward Mountaineering

Vince Anderson

An IFMGA certified rock climbing guide with an adventurous spirit and decades of experience. Vince is known for his alpine expertise and has climbed extensively on Colorado’s big peaks.

Steven Van Sickle | Rock Climbing Guide | Ice Climbing Guide | Skyward Mountaineering

Steven Van Sickle

An IFMGA/AMGA certified rock climbing guide specializing in technical alpine routes and big mountain adventures. Steven loves exploring the high peaks of the San Juans and beyond.

Buster Jesik | Rock Climbing Guide | Ice Climbing Guide | Skyward Mountaineering

Buster Jesik

An accomplished climber and certified rock climbing guide, Buster brings knowledge and passion for routes throughout the state, from the Front Range to the Western Slope.

Katie Beringer | Rock Climbing Guide | Ice Climbing Guide | Skyward Mountaineering

Katie Beringer

A passionate rock climber, ice climber, and AMGA certified rock climbing guide, Katie’s enthusiasm is infectious, whether you’re a beginner or pushing your grade.