Experience the thrill of rock climbing adventures with Skyward Mountaineering’s expert guides. Based in Grand Junction, Colorado, we personalize trips for all levels, from learning the ropes on local climbs to tackling challenging alpine routes worldwide. Our experience and passion ensure your safety and success, unlocking breathtaking climbs and unforgettable journeys.


From our Grand Junction home base, we offer a world of climbing possibilities. Whether you’re exploring Colorado’s diverse terrain or seeking iconic international climbs, our expert guides create the perfect experience.

  • Local Expertise: Discover hidden rock climbing gems in Colorado National Monument, Unaweep Canyon, and beyond.
  • Alpine Training: Build the skills for big mountain objectives, right here in our backyard.
  • Custom Expeditions: Let’s plan your dream climb, whether it’s in Alaska or the Himalaya.


Skyward feels obligated to share with their clients a view toward climbing and skiing that counts ethics, courage, and aesthetics among its virtues. We aim to lead our clients through an apprenticeship of ascents and descents that ramp up in difficulty and commitment level. Skyward guides aim to find the sweet-spot of challenge where you can experience the true spirit of alpinism: adventure, challenge and partnership.
Skyward wants you to feel as if you have shared our rope as a real climbing partner.


  • New route on the Rupal Face of Nanga Parbat 26,660′, ninth highest mountain in the world

  • First ascent of K7 West in Pakistan

  • New route on the North Face of Mount Alberta in the Canadian Rockies

  • First guided ascents: Ham and Eggs Couloir on the Moose’s Tooth, Peak 11,300 via the SW Ridge, the West Face Couloir of Mount Huntington, the Harvard Route of Mount Huntington, and most recently the Moonflower Buttress of Mount Hunter.

“The value of mountaineering lies in practice, not achievement.”

While these famous, difficult climbs are emblematic of Skyward Mountaineering’s leadership, they are the result of many, many lesser-known but equally rewarding climbs. We firmly believe that the value of mountaineering’s lies in practice, not in the achievement. Our climbing, personally and professionally, has taught us to accept all aspects, all lessons, all outcomes. To climb a great route is a reflection of what you’ve become capable of over time, of what you’ve worked for. Of what you can do because you earned it.


The Skyward Alpinist methodology starts with your thorough education in rock, ice, mixed, alpine climbing and skiing. Once your ‘formal’ education is completed, you may define a high-level goal for yourself and then we co-create a climbing plan based on your experience, skill-level, and fitness. Through successive climbs with multiple Skyward Mountaineering guides, you lift your abilities—step-by-step—to the point where you can successfully climb the routes you’ve dreamed about. Many of our clients take advantage of Steve House and Scott Johnston, two of the world’s best alpine climbing coaches, to develop a training plan that is linked to their climbing goals.


Skyward Mountaineering is your one-stop shop for unforgettable rock climbing adventures. Our team of AMGA/IFMGA certified guides caters to all skill levels, from complete beginners taking their first steps on the rock to seasoned climbers looking to push their limits. We offer a variety of climbing experiences, including:

Top rope climbing: Learn the fundamentals of climbing in a safe and controlled environment.

Lead climbing: Take your climbing to the next level with expert instruction on lead climbing techniques.

Multi-pitch climbing: Experience the thrill of longer climbs with breathtaking views.

Custom Rock Climbing in Grand Junction: Design your dream climbing adventure in Grand Junction’s iconic locations like Unaweep Canyon and Colorado National Monument.

Looking for a Different Adventure? We also offer custom rock climbing trips in Rifle, Boulder, Ouray, Moab, and Black Canyon National Park.